About The Site

The Robson Green Web Site was created by Bill Richmond and originally based in Newcastle upon Tyne, England, UK. As of September 2013, the reins were handed over to Lorene Thomas, who resides comfortably in Hamilton Ontario, Canada.

Please note: although this is the only authorised website for the exclusive use of official photographs, news and information provided by Coastal Productions - this is not an official website. The fact that such exclusive content appears here does not constitute the agreement or approval of any comments/ editorial herein by Robson Green or Coastal Productions Ltd.

About Bill

Back in 1990, a snippet of information regarding the Casualty actor Robson Green was added to the personal home page of Bill Richmond, which contained information on favourite TV shows and actors. Who would have thought that one paragraph and a small photo of this actor would spawn an entire website dedicated to this one person!
At that time there was no fan club or information anywhere on this actor who obviously had a great talent. Of course, it wasn't until some years later that a fully fledged Robson Green site was established; in 1996 the personal site was taken down and replaced with The 'Unofficial' Robson Green Web Site after Robson had appeared as Dave Tucker in the popular ITV drama Soldier Soldier.
The Official Robson Green Fan Club (created when the Robson & Jerome Fan Club closed) was not going to launch a site of their own and it was felt that fans needed to have a 'base' from where to start on the internet - and this is where we came in. As Robson's career progressed and his popularity grew - so did the Site and the kind of information that it could provide and Pamela Bishop joined as an official editor. The 'Unofficial' was dropped from The Robson Green Web Site title.
In 1998 we moved from the aggressively commercial and overcrowded GeoCities in the USA, which was hosted for free, to ClaraNET in the UK, which was our first step into paid hosting. We also obtained the domain of www.robsongreen.com.
In 1999, we began to forge links with Robson's company, Coastal Productions, once they had decided that the way forward was to move to the internet and to close the fan club. Having already been established as the best RG site, it was the next - and best - step forward for The Robson Green Web Site. With the links came extra information, which is where a sister site was created in the shape of RG Xtra. It was our plan to house exclusive photos and other items provided by Coastal at the new site. Unfortunately, after two years it became apparent that the main Site demanded too much time and work just to keep it maintained, and it was therefore agreed to close RG Xtra.
From late 2001 onwards we began the double process of merging our sister site, RG Xtra, with The Robson Green Web Site, whilst also moving to a new server. This allowed us to provide services we had previously been unable to offer. This also saw many of our pages moved and/or re-named, and our 'Services' section becoming 'RG Xtra'.
In 2003 we obtained the domain of www.robsongreen.info for the sole use of the RG Forum and Media sections. Our "News" section became the "Media" section to take into account the myriad of sources of information in that section and consideration of the fact that not all information used in that section could always be classed as news!
In 2004 the domain of www.robsongreen.co.uk became available after sitting in the hands of a 'cyber squatter' for many years, and we obtained this to mirror the main site on a different server as back-up.
As well as Coastal Productions, we have the support of Robson himself. Both the Site & Coastal are based in Newcastle upon Tyne and since Coastal have no plans to launch a site solely devoted to Robson they now provide us exclusively with photographs, news and information. The hit counter, statistics and visitor feedback have shown us to be far and away the best place to start for any fan who wishes to know more about Robson Green.

About Lorene

It all started on the last stretch of a 32(!!) hour bus ride from Toronto to Kenora, Ontario, back in 2004. With 7 hours to go, the bus stopped in Thunder Bay and I decided to walk over to a nearby mall and buy a book, magazine, anything to get me through those last hours. I saw the cover for "The Mermaids Singing" that had a little sticker on it that said "As seen on Showcase". I thought, "Great! If I like the book, I can watch the show." (Showcase is a Canadian channel.) I had the book done before the 7 hours were up. And so it began!
I'm probably better known by my internet handle, 'coolbyrne'. I've been involved primarily in the Wire in the Blood fandom, but when I discovered the Robson Green forum was no longer, I contacted Bill to see what happened. As with most of us, life happened, and Bill explained how time and committments made it difficult to keep the site going. I must have lost my mind momentarily, because I offered to take up the reins. :) To my surprise, Bill contacted me immediately and gave me permission to do exactly that. So here I am, knee-deep in more Robson Green paraphenalia than I could ever have imagined!
I also co-run a site for Mandana Jones that is way easier than this site! :)