One of the stumbling blocks in re-doing a site of this size is streamlining over 20 years worth of information so that visitors can make their way around without weaving through a Byzantine labrynth of pages and links. Not easily done! With that came choices in regards to what was "immediate" and what could be set aside for later perusing. Sounds odd to refer to, say "Blind Ambition" as "immediate", but what that means is making a decision to offer all the "greatest hits", so to speak. The main site is meant to be a reference guide of sorts (though it's really a reference omnibus by the size of it!), for new and old fans alike, collecting together the major interviews, the major photos, and the major information. For those who want to delve further into these things, the archive is the place for you.

This page is an on-going project, as the old site gets continually transferred to the new, so the list below will grow as more information gets added. Links below will take you to interviews and/or news specific to the show listed.


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Did You Know?

Coastal Productions was created in 1997 by Sandra Jobling and Robson Green with the aim of making feature films and TV dramas in the North East of England- and supporting local young people who want to get into the industry.

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