Robson Green will undergo SAS cold training before spending five days in the Artic in the second installment of his Five format Extreme Fishing. Extreme Fishing: Winter will see the Wire in the Blood actor trek across Canada and Alaska before journeying southward to the warmer climates of Mozambique and New Zealand in search of extreme fish that can be caught between November and January.
The first series, shown in September 2008, was a sleeper hit for Five. It averaged 1.3m viewers and a 5% share.
Green will undergo cold training at an SAS facililty next week to prepare for the -20 degree temperatures he will face in the North Pacific. "I'm not looking forward to that part of it at all, but the new series will be fantastic. I just feel very lucky that I am able to go to these amazing places and call it work," he said.
The show will be made by RDF Media owned indie IWC Media and is earmarked for transmission in 2009.
Five director of programmes Ben Gale said: "It's testament to the talent of the programming team and the strength of the Five schedule this year that more and more of our original programming is being recommissioned. The fact we have three high-quality series such as these returning, all of which are shown in the heart of primetime, demonstrates our original content is increasingly proving a hit with viewers."

Questions for the Producer | December 2008

Can you tell us a little bit about the documentary you are making?
The series is a new series of the successful Extreme Fishing with Robson Green. The series is about our British actor and TV personality Robson Green traveling the world and fishing to the extremes. In the second series, Robson will be fishing anything from whaler shark to giant tuna. Robson will get to fish in Alaska, Canada, the US (Cape Cod/New Jersey), Australia and New Zealand

At the moment, the series consists of six one-hour programs. In one of the programs, Robson will be visiting the Cape Cod area to fish for giant tuna, lobster and mako shark. Although it's late in the season, Robson is hoping to get some action and fish the big boys around the Cape. He will commercial fish lobster for the day as a trainee deck hand and experience the brutal weather conditions, then go off for a day with some commercial boys fishing giant tuna and have a go at catching a shark. The team then plans to chase striped bass to New Jersey and travel north to Niagara for steelhead.

What's the timeline for the documentary, and when and where could people watch it?
The program is currently in the production stages and will be delivered to Channel Five in the UK by April 2009. People will initially be able to watch it in the UK and online; thereafter we are unsure which countries will buy it.

What other cities and towns will be featured in the film?
In this program, Marshfield, Provincetown, Martha's Vineyard, New Jersey, Chatham, Niagara. They are in Marshfield until December 3rd, 2008 when they will travel to New Jersey (Raritan bay) for some striped bass and then onto Niagara for a day's steelhead fishing at the base of Niagara falls.

Can you tell us a little about yourself, as the filmmaker?
Personally, I've worked in television for three years. I started working as a camera operator after university and I have spent the last year working in documentaries as a researcher and camera operator. I enjoy working on shows like this, as you get to see so many places in the world and meet so many people, making many friends along the way. Unfortunately, I won't get to travel with the crew in this series; I'm permanently based in the office in Glasgow, Scotland, trying to set up fishing trips for Robson to experience on his journey.

White Sturgeon on Fraser River - Canada | December 2008

Well, we just finished up a television shoot with Robson Green and the crew of Extreme Fishing. The target fish for this episode was the white sturgeon of the Fraser River... read the rest of this blog posting from Randy at