Who Is Robson Green?

  • Name: Robson Golightly Green
  • Birthdate: 18 December 1964
  • Place of Birth: Hexham - Northumberland, UK
  • Hair Colour: Brown
  • Eye Colour: Blue
  • Height: 5'9"

Robson Green was born in Hexham, Northumberland on Friday 18th December 1964, and is one of the best known faces on British television.

Robson gets his name from a family and North Eastern tradition where the oldest son is given a surname for his first name. "Robson" was his grandmother's maiden name and "Golightly" his great uncle's surname. His mum and dad are Anne & Robson (Snr.), two older sisters Dawn and Joanna, and younger brother David. His nephew, Daymon Britton, is also an actor. He has starred in Sky TV's Dream Team, the BBC's Byker Grove, a few supporting roles in some of Robson's productions as well as appearing at performances at The Live Theatre and the Tyne Theatre in Newcastle.

Robson was born at Dilston Hospital in Hexham, Northumberland at approx. 10pm, and grew up on Blyth Close in Dudley - a small mining village in North Tyneside, just outside of Newcastle upon Tyne. His first school was Dudley Primary when he was 5, laying down his early acting career even at this early stage with his first starring role when he was 8, playing the lead in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat.

It was at 9, and now at Dudley Middle School, that he was drawn to the spectacle and drama of roaring planes, and wanting to become a pilot for the Red Devils. He then moved on at 11 to Seaton Burn High School (now Seaton Burn Community College) and new interests entered his life. He enjoyed fishing and rafting and bought a second-hand guitar and practiced until his fingers were sore.

At 15, Robson's desire to entertain, especially on the stage, led him to the Backworth Drama Centre where the resident director was Max Roberts. Once a week in the evening, he would catch a bus to Backworth and meet his friend Joe Caffrey, another would-be actor from Newcastle. At 16 he joined the Air Training Corps 861 (Wideopen) Squadron.Robson remembers reading scripts by such talented writers as Alan Plater, Cecil Taylor, Tom Hadaway and Michael Chaplin and began to think in terms of acting as a career possibility. Robson was determined not to work down the mines as his dad and granddad had done, and being a keen member of the Air Training Corps, it was either the world of show business or the Royal Air Force.

In 1982, Seaton Burn High School Drama Society soon entrusted him with the starring role in The Pirates of Penzance. He also formed a small band with his pals called Solid State (he would eventually then form another band, with success in the local area and on TV called The Worky Tickets).

At 17, after leaving school and deciding the RAF wasn't a reality, Robson began his career as a Draughtsman at the Shipbuilders, Swan Hunter, where he worked for three years. He had always wanted to be an actor and didn't care much for this 9 - 5 lifestyle. Realising it was now or never, Robson decided to abandon his shipbuilding career and began training at the Live Theatre in Newcastle upon Tyne, where he was taken on by Artistic Director, Max Roberts. Max had previously seen Robson in a school play and had identified his potential.

While at Live Theatre, Robson's credits included: Your Home in the West, Come Snow Come Blow, The Long Line, Scrap, Kiddars Luck and In Blackberry Time. He has also worked on a York Cycle of Mystery Plays plus A Nightingale Sang with the Northern Stage Company and Bandits with the Shaw Theatre.Robson served his time in the theatre before his first television break - as hospital porter Jimmy in the BBC's highly successful drama Casualty. The rest, as they say, is history!