As with the overlap between Adverts and Audio, you'll notice the same with Docs and Narrations/Voicework, as they're often both. (Even our summaries of the categories overlap!)

  • The Story So Far (1997)-The television actor, Robson Green, tells the story of his rise to fame after he left the Tyneside shipyards.(128 pages)
  • Extreme Fishing (2013)- Actor and passionate fisherman Robson Green is on a mission to discover the weird, the wonderful and the way-off-limits that the angling world has to offer. Working alongside some of the finest in their field, his exhilarating adventure series Extreme Fishing with Robson Green takes him to the greatest fishing destinations ever seen; chasing the most elusive and terrifying creatures on the planet, learning new tricks, hearing old stories and eating pretty much everything he catches. From ice fishing in Siberia, mining eggs on the side of an active volcano in Papua New Guinea and struggling with the Mekong Giant Catfish in Thailand, to surviving a Force 10 hurricane on a Canadian trawler, catching a thirty-pound King Salmon in Patagonia and dancing the Salsa in Havana, this is an extraordinary modern-day fishing odyssey with tales of victory, defeat, struggle and joy. Complete with exclusive off-camera capers, top locations and best and worst catches, this laugh-out-loud adventure is jam-packed full of facts, fishing tips and, most importantly, fun. ( (320 pages)