As with the overlap between Adverts and Audio, you'll notice the same with Docs and Narrations/Voicework, as they're often both. (Why no Extreme Fishing here? Like some of Robson's catches, it's so darn big! It gets its own page.)

  • Novels That Shaped Our World with Robson Green (November 2019) - BBC iPlayer - Video Extract
  • Wild Swimming Adventures (2009)- From a decidedly shaky start in the Tyne to his ultimate goal to swim to Holy Island off the coast of his native North East, the programme charts Robson's adventures as he swims his way through lidos, tidal pools, lakes, rivers and seas. The journey is at times an emotional one as Robson talks about his late father who instilled his love of swimming in his son, and it is this memory that keeps Robson going during some of the extreme swims he attempts.
  • Robson Green: The Pitmen Painters (2011)- Robson Green, the son and grandson of miners, returns to his Northumberland roots to explore the true story of the group of pitmen who gathered together in 1934 for an art appreciation class and subsequently became celebrated artists themselves.
  • The Real Redcaps (2003)- Documentary series focusing on the Royal Military Police as they go about their duties : from running the 'Glasshouse' prison in Colchester, to training at Chichester HQ and active service in Iraq.
  • Written Britain (2008)- Robson reads Dr. Thomas Wright's Diary 1830, for Melvyn Bragg's "Written Britain".
  • Tales from Northumberland with Robson Green (2013)- 8-part series saw Robson immersing himself in various activities, including stargazing, visiting Holy Island and Hadrian's Wall and camping wild in Britain's most remote spot. First airdate is October 28th on ITV.
  • More Tales From Northumberland with Robson Green (2015)- 8-part series that sees Robson returning to the North. (DVD release date April 2015)
  • Further Tales From Northumberland with Robson Green (2016)- 8-part series that has Robson revisiting the place he loves the most. (ITV press release)
  • Robson Green: How the North Was Built (2013)- a 2-part documentary set to air in July telling the story of how industry shaped the country, from his native north-east across to Lancashire in the west.
  • Robson Green's Ultimate Catch (2015)- He does love his fishing! (Great article HERE)
  • Flying Scotsman with Robson Green (2016)- ITV press kit HERE
  • Robson Crusoe (2017)- Robson spends his time in the North Guntao Islands, the setting of Daniel Defoe's 'Robinson Crusoe'.
  • Robson Green Grand Slam Fishing (2017)- Travel Channel article HERE