Misc. of Miscellaneous

If you can't find it anywhere else on the site, most likely, it's here! For the most part, the content here is not quite enough for each entry to garner its own page, but it's interesting enough that it needs a home somewhere on this site. Most likely will be the surprise page of the site- open it up and you'll never know what you'll find!

  • Clash of the Cities (2003)- Robson states his case for Newcastle/Gateshead.
  • Shields Stories (1988)- Featuring the first screen appearance of Tyneside actor Robson Green, this package of ten short dramas aimed at highlighting a variety of social issues within a soap format. They follow the fortunes of seven interlinked characters as they try to make sense of their lives in a community which has suffered the effects of government policies: cuts in the health, education and social services; unemployment; lack of resources for the elderly and the lack of future promise for youth.
  • Pennies (2012)- Robson Green talks about what small change donations have achieved so far and what we could achieve if more high streets, towns and cities join in.
  • Waiters (2001)- Robson snuck in for a quick cameo in this short-lived series.
  • Twitter Pics (on-going)- This gallery brings together a huge selection of photos Robson posts on his Twitter account.