As with the overlap between Adverts and Audio, you'll notice the same with Docs and Narrations/Voicework, as they're often both. (Even our summaries of the categories overlap!)

  • The Real Redcaps (2003)- Original Broadcast, Tuesday 22nd July, 10.30pm. An eight-part series, narrated by Robson Green, about the wide variety of roles played by one of the smallest regiments in the British Army. The Royal Military Police - known as redcaps - exists to uphold the highest standards of discipline and fight crime within the ranks. The series focusing on the Royal Military Police as they go about their duties: from running the 'Glasshouse' prison in Colchester, to training at Chichester HQ and active service in Iraq.

    (A separate page for episode details has been created, as it is extremely difficult finding information about this series.)

  • Bookaboo (2009)- Before he can go onstage to play drums with his band, Bookaboo needs someone to read him a book. Robson dutifully steps in to read "Class Two at the Zoo".
  • Private Peaceful (2007)- Robson Green reads episodes from Michael Morpurgo's powerful book Private Peaceful, a tale of brotherly love set during the horrors of the First World War. This was a 4-part reading, spanning the month of November, 2007.